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Adobe Social Media Policy & Guidelines

Adobe is a software company that specializes in creating and marketing creative and productivity software, such as Photoshop and Acrobat.

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Adobe Social Media and Public Speaking

Adobe supports the appropriate use of social media both personally and, if authorized, on behalf of the company. If you engage in social media, you are expected to protect Adobe’s brand always and adhere to Adobe’s key social principles of being authentic, involved, responsible, and respectful. Remember that you are responsible for what you say or post online.

All social media and social networking accounts created by Adobe employees that leverage Adobe’s brands or trademarks, or that are created using an Adobe business email address, are considered the property of Adobe.You must be authorized by Adobe’s Social Media Center of Excellence before you create or manage these Adobe-owned properties. Visit the Social Media Resources page on Inside Adobe for guidelines and training resources.

Whether through social media or other forms of public speaking, you may not represent that you are speaking on behalf of Adobe unless you are authorized to do so by Adobe Public Relations. At all times, you must protect against any unauthorized disclosure of confidential information belonging to Adobe, our customers, orany third parties with whom we do business.

The information on this page is based on publicly available sources and is meant to be purely informational. It is not an endorsement of Swaybase's services by Adobe.
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