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Great content goes a long way to helping you build your personal brand and stay top-of-mind with prospects and talent.

But we’ve always wanted to give you as Ambassadors something more “official” and tangible to show for your participation in employee advocacy programs.

That’s why this week, Swaybase will begin issuing Employee Advocacy Certificates to Ambassadors based on their activity in Swaybase!

To start, we’ll issue the Employee Advocacy Ambassador - Level I Certificate for all Ambassadors who have shared 10 posts and received 10 clicks in the last 12 months.

If you're curious for more info, all of Swaybase’s Employee Advocacy Certificates will be:

  • Personalized (they’ll include your name, date of issue and expiry, and a unique ID)
  • Based on actual activity in Swaybase (and not a quiz or other test)
  • Up to date (based on only the last 12 months of your activity)
  • Applicable to current Ambassadors and ones who enroll in the future
  • Automatically issued (all you have to do is participate in your company’s employee advocacy program!)
  • Viewable and verifiable via link (like this example here
  • Multi-leveled (starting with the Ambassador Level I certificates)

One of our favorite ways to use this Certificate? Add it to your LinkedIn profile’s Certifications section in just two clicks using the “Add Certificate to LinkedIn” button!

Example of an Employee Advocacy Certificate on Swaybase

That’s all for now. Let us know what you think, and happy sharing!

Admins: if you already have content on your blog or on Twitter...stop building posts from scratch in Swaybase and import them with Swaybase's new Streams feature!

Import live content into Swaybase so you can send it to your Ambassadors in just a few clicks.

Here's how you can leverage Swaybase Streams in your employee advocacy program:

  1. Set up your Streams. If your blog has an RSS feed or you have a Twitter account, you can add them to Streams so that your content is imported inside of Swaybase for Admins to use. No content will get published to your Ambassadors until an Admin chooses to do so. (Note: Enterprise clients may already have some default Streams set up.)
  2. Start publishing! Now that your content is inside of your Swaybase admin account, you can use it to publish a new Swaybase post in just a couple of clicks. In Streams, when you find a post you want to publish just click "Publish" on that post. This will open Swaybase's post composer, pre-populated with the content of the post you selected. Just choose your recipient(s), adjust any other settings on the post...and you're ready to publish!
  3. Get ideas. While Streams is great for importing your own content, there's no need to stop there! Add the blogs or Twitter accounts of your execs, industry leaders, and any other content creators to stay on top of the latest news. And if you like what you see from these accounts, reuse their content for your Ambassadors!
  4. Play with the filters. One of our favorite features inside of Streams is the filtering on the right-hand side of the page. Just click on a source to narrow the results, and in a fraction of a second your Stream will filter for just that source's content. This is especially powerful when you've added a lot of sources!

Happy sharing!

We've started releasing to select Workspaces a new (optional) feature that can auto-generate comments for your admin posts:

Swaybase's Auto-Generate Comments feature uses AI to scan your link and suggest a comment. Always review before publishing.

As you may have guessed, this feature uses artificial intelligence to read the content on the webpage you gave it, and then creates a social media-style comment that you may want to use.

There are several considerations to keep in mind:

  • Always review the comment. The comment is generated entirely by a computer system - it is NOT created by a human. There is always a chance the comment could be irrelevant, inaccurate, inappropriate, or problematic in other ways. (Please report to Swaybase any such instances at
  • Use if you're stuck or need a starting point. This feature is meant to support you, not replace you. It doesn't know your audience, how to connect with them, what moves them, your company's story, your marketing objectives, and so on. You do! So trust your own judgment above all.
  • The feature is optional. Of course feel free to experiment (or not!), but by no means is this feature a requirement for you. We're beta testing it to see if and how it can be useful to you as an admin.
  • Limited to Link posts. For now, this feature is limited to Link posts as they have content (e.g. blog posts, articles, press releases, etc) that an AI can consume and understand more readily than other content types.

Happy sharing!

When we first rolled out Photo and Video posts, they could only be shared via the Swaybase mobile app. While this was great for mobile users of Swaybase, most Swaybase users (80%+) use desktop exclusively. As a result, this has been a missed opportunity for getting more ambassador shares on content.

Until now.

We're excited to announce that you'll be able to share all new posts on desktop, even Photo and Video posts!

That's right! Skip the QR codes and share straight from your desktop computer!

Here's a quick preview.

Let's say you see a Video post in your Swaybase feed, and you want to share it to LinkedIn:

The post in the Swaybase feed, pre-share.

You'll click on the LinkedIn button and complete the share. The live post on LinkedIn will look like so, with a "play" button to indicate your post contains a video:

Here's the same post, after sharing it to social media (in this case, LinkedIn).

Lastly, when someone on social media clicks on your post, they'll be taken to the post embedded on a Swaybase page. Here they can interact with it and share it:

When a viewer on social media clicks on the post, they'll go to a public-facing Swaybase page where the post is embedded.

It's as simple as that!

Of course, for mobile users, the experience is unchanged - you can share posts as you have been thus far.

Happy sharing!

Ever want to grab the link to a post in Swaybase so you can send it to your fellow ambassadors and encourage them to share it?

For the longest time, you couldn't. You could only tell someone about the post and hope they could find it in their Swaybase feed.

Not anymore! You can now grab the link to any post and send it to someone. No more hunting, no more hoping! (Note: posts marked internal by admins will not have a link to the post.)

So...want to make sure your Sales team sees - and shares! - your latest announcement? Copy the link to the post and send it to them in Teams, Slack, email, or anywhere else.

Need your recruiters to share out that latest Best Places to Work award so thousands of talented candidates see it? Copy the link and send it!

...You get the point. 😀

Last but not least, not only can you share the link to the post with your colleagues - you can share it with anyone! If the recipient of your link doesn't belong to your Swaybase workspace, they'll see the post's public-facing page where they can still view the post and share it.

This feature will be rolled out across all workspaces in the coming weeks, and will apply to all posts created moving forward once your workspace gets the feature.

Happy sharing!

To copy the link to a post, use the dropdown menu or simply click the link icon next to dropdown.

If someone outside your Swaybase workspace receives a link to a post, they'll see the post's public-facing page. They can view the post and share it.

At Swaybase we work hard to keep your admin workflow with us as streamlined as possible. You're busy - the last thing you need is unnecessary steps to accomplish simple tasks.

That's why we're pumped to release our latest feature improvement: the ability for admins to edit a scheduled post.

Many of you told us that if you needed to make a change as an admin to an already-scheduled post, you had to delete and rebuild the post in order to incorporate the edits you wished to make. That's because, for technical reasons, editing capabilities within Swaybase's admin post composer were very limited for scheduled posts.

That's now all gone away, and you can edit any component of a scheduled post. The same way you can for any post when you're first building it.

We hope this helps to further streamline the post creation process for you! Happy sharing!

Gif showing an admin editing a scheduled post in Swaybase.
Editing a scheduled post in Swaybase just got way easier and quicker.
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