Employee Advocacy Certificates

Swaybase's Employee Advocacy Certificates help Ambassadors show their participation in real-life employee advocacy programs.

Great content goes a long way to helping you build your personal brand and stay top-of-mind with prospects and talent.

But we’ve always wanted to give you as Ambassadors something more “official” and tangible to show for your participation in employee advocacy programs.

That’s why this week, Swaybase will begin issuing Employee Advocacy Certificates to Ambassadors based on their activity in Swaybase!

To start, we’ll issue the Employee Advocacy Ambassador - Level I Certificate for all Ambassadors who have shared 10 posts and received 10 clicks in the last 12 months.

If you're curious for more info, all of Swaybase’s Employee Advocacy Certificates will be:

  • Personalized (they’ll include your name, date of issue and expiry, and a unique ID)
  • Based on actual activity in Swaybase (and not a quiz or other test)
  • Up to date (based on only the last 12 months of your activity)
  • Applicable to current Ambassadors and ones who enroll in the future
  • Automatically issued (all you have to do is participate in your company’s employee advocacy program!)
  • Viewable and verifiable via link (like this example here
  • Multi-leveled (starting with the Ambassador Level I certificates)

One of our favorite ways to use this Certificate? Add it to your LinkedIn profile’s Certifications section in just two clicks using the “Add Certificate to LinkedIn” button!

Example of an Employee Advocacy Certificate on Swaybase

That’s all for now. Let us know what you think, and happy sharing!

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