Because Employee Advocacy Has Been Stuck in 2013

Most EA tools focus on legacy social networks in decline. Swaybase lets your employees share anywhere they want...because that's where their connections are.

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Employee advocacy tools haven't changed in over a decade. Until now.

Why Employees Love Us

Why Companies Choose Us

The future is now. The proof is in the pudding.


Customer Renewal Rate

Companies join Swaybase, and stay. There's no better testimonial.

Return on Investment

Customers get back 4 dollars for every 1 they spend with us. Say goodbye to overpriced paid ad campaigns.

New Customers via Word-of-Mouth

4 of every 5 new customers come to us via personal referral. Not ads, not press, not review sites. But actual recommendations from one person to another.

Share Anywhere

Social media has evolved. Evolve with it.

Most employee advocacy tools focus on the Big Three: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. But times have changed, and so too have your employees' sharing habits.

That's why at Swaybase, we don't care what social network your Ambassadors use - we support them all. From Instagram to TikTok, we only care that your Ambassadors can put your content in front of their connections. Wherever they might be.

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Reach Audience Wherever It May Be
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Be a First Mover in High-Growth Networks
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Future-Proof Your Employee Advocacy Program
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Personal Influencer Profiles

Give your Ambassadors the star treatment.

Many employee advocacy programs struggle with engagement. That's because while companies benefit tremendously from these programs, there isn't much there for Ambassadors, who end up feeling like spambots.
Enter Swaybase's Personal Influencer Profiles. Every Ambassador in Swaybase gets a dedicated profile that showcases their high-level metrics and performance in your program. They can then show off this page and establish their bona fides as a social influencer. Win-win!

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Provide Value to Your Ambassadors
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Boost Engagement in Your Program
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Effortlessly Improve Your Key Metrics

Safe Sharing

Avoid security issues & social surprises.

Other vendors ask your employees for permission to post on their behalf. With that permission comes access to your employees' sensitive personal data on those social networks. Some employee advocacy tools will even automate their posts, turning your employees into spambots. (Yikes.)

Swaybase will never ask for such permission. Your employees, not an automated system, will be the ones posting. No wondering, no surprises, no intrusive requests.

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Protect Your Employees
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Predicable Posting
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No Automated Spamming
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Avoid Security Issues
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Your Account, Forever

It's your data. Take it with you.

As your Ambassadors share content in your program, they'll amass a lot of data to show for it. And that's great! What's not so great is that employee advocacy tools don't let you take your account, and your data, with you if you leave your current employer. For many Ambassadors, participating in something they'll eventually have to give up is a dealbreaker.

Until now. When you leave an employer, you won't see your old employers' Swaybase content anymore, but you'll keep your own account and data, forever. Use it for personal use. Use it to quickly join the Swaybase program at your new employer. Or to start a new program altogether. It's all yours!

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Stronger Value Prop or Employees
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Boost Engagement in Your Program
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Modern Personal Data Rights
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“It's a single platform for our employees to engage with, and allows us to amplify content by geography, team, and role. An integral part of our Ambassador Program.”

Wendell, Sr. Manager Social Media
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“We capture leads that are higher caliber than we get from other channels. We've seen them move through the funnel to interview, offer, and hire.”

John Murphy, VP of Talent Acquisition
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Fair, Affordable Pricing

Forget your budget. You won't need it.

Check out other employee advocacy vendors. How many give you clear pricing on their website? How many have a free-forever offering?

Swaybase lets you try free, for as long as you like. Even forever. And if you wish to grow your employee advocacy program with us, you can upgrade whenever you're ready.

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Free-Forever Offering
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Simple & Transparent Pricing
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No Expiring Trials
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No Salespeople

Go at your own pace.

You won't be getting on any calls with a salesperson at Swaybase. That's because we don't have any.

We're firm believers that we only succeed if you do. So we put all our efforts into helping you get the most out of Swaybase, not pushing you to buy more software.

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Join & Try On Your Own
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Zero Pressure to Buy

Built for Growth

Drive growth, even if you're small.

Most employee advocacy solutions were built for huge enterprises with big marketing teams and multimillion dollar ad budgets. These enterprises can get away with talking about "share of voice," "impressions," and "sentiment."

You're different. Your budget is limited and your team is small - maybe even just you. But you still need to drive people to your brand properties. Enter Swaybase, tailor-made for companies that are tight on time and budget but still want the power of Swaybase's employee advocacy platform.

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Easy for SMBs to Get Started
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Drive Hard Metrics
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Prove Business Impact
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100% Customer Funded

We only succeed when you do.

While it's par for the course for software companies to subsidize losses and fuel growth with investor money, we've always thought that creates weird incentives.

That's why we haven't taken a dime of investor money. Instead, we're entirely reliant on our customers succeeding for us to succeed. So guess what our focus is all day, every day?


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We Build Only What Helps You Succeed
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Customer-Obsessed Team
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Instantly Grow the Reach of Your Content

For the average Swaybase customer, their Ambassadors collectively have 54x more social connections than the company itself.

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