Edit Scheduled Admin Posts

Swaybase's latest feature improvement is the ability for admins to fully edit a scheduled post. Simplify your admin workflow and save time when it comes to editing.

At Swaybase we work hard to keep your admin workflow with us as streamlined as possible. You're busy - the last thing you need is unnecessary steps to accomplish simple tasks.

That's why we're pumped to release our latest feature improvement: the ability for admins to edit a scheduled post.

Many of you told us that if you needed to make a change as an admin to an already-scheduled post, you had to delete and rebuild the post in order to incorporate the edits you wished to make. That's because, for technical reasons, editing capabilities within Swaybase's admin post composer were very limited for scheduled posts.

That's now all gone away, and you can edit any component of a scheduled post. The same way you can for any post when you're first building it.

We hope this helps to further streamline the post creation process for you! Happy sharing!

Gif showing an admin editing a scheduled post in Swaybase.
Editing a scheduled post in Swaybase just got way easier and quicker.
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