Import Content, with Streams (Admin feature)

Effortlessly import and reuse your blog and Twitter content in Swaybase.

Admins: if you already have content on your blog or on Twitter...stop building posts from scratch in Swaybase and import them with Swaybase's new Streams feature!

Import live content into Swaybase so you can send it to your Ambassadors in just a few clicks.

Here's how you can leverage Swaybase Streams in your employee advocacy program:

  1. Set up your Streams. If your blog has an RSS feed or you have a Twitter account, you can add them to Streams so that your content is imported inside of Swaybase for Admins to use. No content will get published to your Ambassadors until an Admin chooses to do so. (Note: Enterprise clients may already have some default Streams set up.)
  2. Start publishing! Now that your content is inside of your Swaybase admin account, you can use it to publish a new Swaybase post in just a couple of clicks. In Streams, when you find a post you want to publish just click "Publish" on that post. This will open Swaybase's post composer, pre-populated with the content of the post you selected. Just choose your recipient(s), adjust any other settings on the post...and you're ready to publish!
  3. Get ideas. While Streams is great for importing your own content, there's no need to stop there! Add the blogs or Twitter accounts of your execs, industry leaders, and any other content creators to stay on top of the latest news. And if you like what you see from these accounts, reuse their content for your Ambassadors!
  4. Play with the filters. One of our favorite features inside of Streams is the filtering on the right-hand side of the page. Just click on a source to narrow the results, and in a fraction of a second your Stream will filter for just that source's content. This is especially powerful when you've added a lot of sources!

Happy sharing!

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