Share Any Post on Desktop

Share any post - even Photo and Video posts - from your desktop! Skip the QR codes and the device juggling!

When we first rolled out Photo and Video posts, they could only be shared via the Swaybase mobile app. While this was great for mobile users of Swaybase, most Swaybase users (80%+) use desktop exclusively. As a result, this has been a missed opportunity for getting more ambassador shares on content.

Until now.

We're excited to announce that you'll be able to share all new posts on desktop, even Photo and Video posts!

That's right! Skip the QR codes and share straight from your desktop computer!

Here's a quick preview.

Let's say you see a Video post in your Swaybase feed, and you want to share it to LinkedIn:

The post in the Swaybase feed, pre-share.

You'll click on the LinkedIn button and complete the share. The live post on LinkedIn will look like so, with a "play" button to indicate your post contains a video:

Here's the same post, after sharing it to social media (in this case, LinkedIn).

Lastly, when someone on social media clicks on your post, they'll be taken to the post embedded on a Swaybase page. Here they can interact with it and share it:

When a viewer on social media clicks on the post, they'll go to a public-facing Swaybase page where the post is embedded.

It's as simple as that!

Of course, for mobile users, the experience is unchanged - you can share posts as you have been thus far.

Happy sharing!

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