Link to Post

Copy the link to a post and share it with anyone! Great for encouraging shares on a specific post.

Ever want to grab the link to a post in Swaybase so you can send it to your fellow ambassadors and encourage them to share it?

For the longest time, you couldn't. You could only tell someone about the post and hope they could find it in their Swaybase feed.

Not anymore! You can now grab the link to any post and send it to someone. No more hunting, no more hoping! (Note: posts marked internal by admins will not have a link to the post.)

So...want to make sure your Sales team sees - and shares! - your latest announcement? Copy the link to the post and send it to them in Teams, Slack, email, or anywhere else.

Need your recruiters to share out that latest Best Places to Work award so thousands of talented candidates see it? Copy the link and send it!

...You get the point. 😀

Last but not least, not only can you share the link to the post with your colleagues - you can share it with anyone! If the recipient of your link doesn't belong to your Swaybase workspace, they'll see the post's public-facing page where they can still view the post and share it.

This feature will be rolled out across all workspaces in the coming weeks, and will apply to all posts created moving forward once your workspace gets the feature.

Happy sharing!

To copy the link to a post, use the dropdown menu or simply click the link icon next to dropdown.

If someone outside your Swaybase workspace receives a link to a post, they'll see the post's public-facing page. They can view the post and share it.
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