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Pfizer Social Media Policy & Guidelines

Pfizer is a pharmaceutical company that researches, develops, and markets a range of prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

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Social Media

Social media refers to digital technologies and practices that enable people to create and share content, opinions, insights, experiences and perspectives. The hallmarks of social media are user-generated content and interaction.

When engaging in social media activities related to Pfizer, including both internal facing and external-facing platforms, adhere to Pfizer policies and these general principles:

  • Be transparent and make appropriate disclosures.
  • Do not make unauthorized disclosures.
  • Obtain necessary permissions before posting.
  • Be truthful, accurate and respectful.
  • Refer media inquiries to Global Media Relations.
  • Report adverse events found on the Internet or in social media to the appropriate contact.
  • Ask first, post later.

Pfizer’s policies impose requirements on the creation and use of Pfizer-sponsored social media. You must consult the Legal Division when creating any Pfizer sponsored social media.

All Pfizer-sponsored social media that discusses or relates to a Pfizer product requires prior approval. Specific requirements apply to the content of such posts,the types of media in which they may appear and, in some cases, review by regulatory authorities.

Personal posts on external social media that include more than a neutral, passing reference to Pfizer products are prohibited. Any personal posts referencing Pfizer’s interests—which include Pfizer and its business, products, colleagues and former colleagues, policies, research, relationships and competitors—must include a disclaimer that mentions your relationship to Pfizer and explains that the statements or opinions expressed are your own and do not necessarily represent those of Pfizer.

The information on this page is based on publicly available sources and is meant to be purely informational. It is not an endorsement of Swaybase's services by Pfizer.
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